Salwator speech therapist office

‘The one who has the language, has the world’
Martin Heidegger

As it has been shown by the current researches, prevention against the development problems is much more effective than trying to diminish their results.
This is the reason why in our school the team consisting of one psychologist and 3 speech therapists has been established. Their task is to diagnose early the development problems of each child.

The speech therapists of Salwator, acting in the environment of the Pedagogical University and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, are the representatives of so-called NEW SPEECH THERAPY which is not only the trend in the scientific researches, inspired by professor Jagoda Cieszyńska, but also the result of a defined therapeutic attitude developing speech and thinking.

Our activities are concentrated on early intervention, which is the stimulation of the mental and physical development of the abilities which are the condition for learning a language in its read and written form. Our specialists working with children who have development problems use modern methods which are based on individual mental abilities of a child as well as on their natural need to develop – early learning of reading. Doman method, Dennison method, the method of Sound Symbols. The variety of methods improves the efficiency of the speech therapy and makes the therapy more attractive.

Specjaliści  The specialist from the Salwator Speech Therapy Office conduct individual therapy with  children who have the following communication disorders:

  • speech defect,
  • risk of dyslexia,
  • dyslexia,
  • aphasia,
  • autism,
  • oligophasia,
  • dysarthria,
  • hypoacusis
We offer as well the meetings for bilingual children and early speech therapeutic intervention.

Price list:

Clients of the Salwator Public Primary School - 55 PLN per 60 min.

Other clients - 65 PLN per 60min.


Agnieszka Dębska

Rafał Młyński

Anna Siudak

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